Cheap Ways To Bug Proof Your Home

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - If you walk outside right now, you may quickly find yourself with several new bug bites.Before long the same thing may be happening inside unless you do something to keep bugs out of your home.Ryan Ross has been killing bugs for years. As an exterminator he's seen peaks and lows in bug populations. He said this year's heavy rain and heat is increasing bug populations. While many insects are just nuisances, he said some can cause damage to your home."The more you can make your home less desirable to those sorts of insects, the better luck you'll have in preserving your home."And you can keep them out of your home without spending too much cash. He said it's all about maintenance"you look over here and everything looks pretty good and then you just start looking in certain places and just those need to be filled in and maintained."For example, sealing the areas around pipes"the putty that you can wad up into a ball and press it in around there and it really does a good job of sealing things out and it's just a few dollars."And he recommends re-caulking windows, "homeowners want to come back and they want to reseal these things to make sure the moisture nor insects can get down in there."As well as checking the window wells each season"you'll want to remove any spider webs or spiders that are down in there. You can spray around and in your window wells."And make sure there are no leaves or debris left lying around. He says it's a breeding ground for insects and gutters can also be a problem"everything needs food, water and a place to livewater's the primary source of life so they're gravitating toward the moisture first and they eventually will find your house."And if they get inside, there are home remedies, however he says if all else fails, call an exterminator. "A lot of those remedies that we hear that homeowners use; we have mixed results with. Some people say it works for a little while and then they ended up calling the pest control professional anyway. So often times they would've been money ahead if they would've just called the pest control professional in the first place, but I can't blame people for trying, wanting to save a dollar, to try to deal with the problems themselves."Ross said if you're unsure about an exterminator, check with the Better Business Bureau or read online reviews. You can also ask for references. Ross also said another cheap way to prevent bugs from getting inside your home is by putting up bird and bat houses around your yard. He said both eat thousands of insects each day."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.