Child Struck By Falling Tree Branch Dies

Jeramiah Williams

Todd Unger

OMAHA (KPTM)- A little boy, 7, has died after being struck by a falling tree branch.

The accident happened just before 4:00 Saturday afternoon near a corner house at 36th and Grant Streets.

Paula Mayo's grandson was playing with Jeramiah Williams in a power wheel police car when the branch fell.

"He told me Jeremiah's last words were, 'Oh, snap!' They looked up and saw the tree branch," says Mayo.

Her grandson was able to escape, but Williams suffered significant head trauma. Mayo rushed to help the boy's mother and family, who were trying to keep Williams alert. Paramedics arrived soon thereafter and rushed the boy to the hospital, but he died.

Emotional family members returned home a few hours later. The neighborhood expressed dismay that nothing had been done about the tree before the tragedy.

"Every year that tree has something wrong with it. Something falls every year," said Mayo.

Work crews were on scene expecting to take down the tree, which is about 100 feet high.

Omaha police and the Omaha Housing Authority are investigating the death as an accident.

The property is part of Section 8 housing.