Church to Help Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - New numbers released this week show kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder are on the rise. The Center for Disease Control updated its number to 1 in every 88 kids have the disorder. The number's used to be 1 in every 110.

Now the First United Methodist Church in one Omaha church is trying to help kids with ASD and allow them the opportunity to go to church.

Liam Kinart is one of the kids who will be using a room at the church that will help him be a part of the church. Liam has had ASD since he was three.

His mother, Niki Kinart, works with him every day, "Putting the puzzle pieces together and trying to figure out how he needs is a little different from a typical kid. It's not easy but, I'm up for the challenge."

Often times it is difficult for Liam to make it through a church service.

The church is hoping more families that have kids with ASD will start coming back to church and they hope to help by creating a room for the kids to relax and calm their senses.

The room is called a Sensory Therapy Room. It has tools like a trampoline, ear plugs, and other tools to help relax the kids.

And so far the room works.

"He used it the first week and then he came home right away and told us that it helped him go to Sunday school," Niki Kinart said.

Liam's Youth Director, Barrett Scroggs, has also seen improvements, "For five minutes to jump on the trampoline, or roll around for a bit and then go into that room and he was focused and he was fine."

There will be a grand opening of the room April 15th. All are welcome to attend.