Cicada Killer Wasps Take Over Apartment Parking Lot

Zach Revense

Omaha (KPTM) - Bug experts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension office for Douglas-Sarpy County say the weather this year has been ideal for growing insect populations.

"We have the moisture in the beginning of the year when it is fairly cool," said herpetologist Dennis Ferraro, "and it slowly gets warmer to very hot times in July, which is the average temperature where all these insects evolved."

People living at the Courtyard 72 Apartment complex in north central Omaha say a parking lot near the community mailboxes has been overrun with cicada killer wasps.

"I'm just shaking every day, I'm scared now because I'm scared of the ones behind me," Chris Brookins said in front of his mailbox.

There are rock walls that surround the area. Ferraro says cicada killer wasps burrow in the ground or cracks in walls and cement.

Management at the complex say they have use a pest control service every two weeks, and that these wasps make an appearance for three to four weeks in July.

Brookins says if you need to get in touch with him in that time: don't send a letter.

"Well I won't be going to my mail box for two to three weeks!"