City Council Looks In To Body Cameras For Police Officers

BELLEVUE (KPTM) - The City of Omaha is in the preliminary stage of looking in to outfitting the Omaha Police Department with body cameras to video record police activity.

Councilman Ben Gray has looked in to other cities around the country who are currently using them.

"All of them swear by them because they give you real time information as to what a citizen said or did versus what a police officer said or did," said Gray.

Bellevue Police Officer Tom Dargy has been using one daily while in the job.

"You literally look into the vehicle, you see the driver with the blood shot eyes. You see them struggling for documents. You see them not doing what he's supposed to do. It literally speaks a thousand words," said Dargy.

Bellevue's camera cost $900.00.

The City of Omaha has a surplus of $10 million. It cannot be used until 2015.

"At this point its just a possibility that we might use that money for body cameral, but it's just a possibility," said Gray