City Crews Prepare Streets For Upcoming Snowstorm

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - With the impending snow headed our way many worry about driving in the mess.

Monday the city of Omaha sent out crews to get the roads ready.

One Public Works driver said preparation is key to getting the streets cleared quickly.

Traffic on Dodge Street and along the expressway is flowing nicely now but your commute Tuesday could be a headache.

You can see the streets are dry now however the majority of the cities roadways have been pre-treated and are covered with a brine treatment, basically salt and water combined.

"It helps make it easier when we start plowing and it should peel it up pretty good," Matt Oetter said.

He and the rest of the Omaha Public Works Department is working in overdrive to prepare for the snow heading our way.

"So how many inches of snow do you think we'll get?"

"I don't know maybeI'm thinking 3. We'll see what happens."

"So you don't think it's going to be nearly as bad as they're saying?"

"You can only hope not but we're just going to do what we do I guess."

And he says the brine treatment they put down now is making sure that no matter how much snow we get, they can clear the roads quickly. "It helps with the melting of the snow and when you go to plow, it makes it come up a lot easier and stuff like that and then when the sun hits it, when it is a sunny day, it helps melt too."

But for now, he said the crews would be out on the streets continuously preparing for the worst and when the snow starts falling, that's when they switch gears. "We'll switch over to plow and put the salt hoppers and stuff like that on and then we'll switch everything over to salt."

If you're out driving and you see one of the plows, Oetter asks that you use caution around them. Don't follow too closely.

He suggests drivers stay back 200 feet from the plows, this way your vehicle doesn't get hit with deicer or salt.

The Omaha Public Works Department said it pre-treated all of the major streets in town as well as the secondary streets, especially those that city and school buses take regularly.

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