City Of Omaha Braces for Snow

Bone chilling temps for weeks has made things difficult for most of us this winter. But it has not been so bad for the city's plow pilots. They have been grounded until now. The city expects five straight days of snow. It wont amount to much, but it will start spitting Friday morning around six .The city is ready to attack it.

"We are out there getting ahead of it with crews already on the ground," said Scott McIntyre, City of Omaha Public Works.

Salt and liquid de-icer are stacked up and plows are primed and ready for five days of intermittent snow. We should see about an inch Friday.

Scott McIntyre "That won't be too difficult to handle," said McIntyre .

Expect about two inches Saturday Then a blast of up to four more inches Sunday through Tuesday.

Scott McIntyre "That is certainly more of a concern because then we start having parking issues and it impacts more drivers," said McIntyre.

The good news is the city' is under budget for snow removal.

"It's always good to be under budget," said McIntyre