City Plays Catch Up From Delayed Trash Collection

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- The cold weather has slowed down the city's trash collection. Crews are one day late picking up trash and are now picking up speed to get the job done by the end of the week.

With Omaha's bitter weather in recent days, many residents said they understand why the pickup is delayed.

"I think that with the cold weather that we've had it should have been delayed," said Carter Froemming, waiting for his trash to be picked up Wednesday.

Crews hustle from one house to the next, dumping the garbage as quickly as they can, because one day behind schedule left them with extra loads to throw away.

"Especially after the holidays. Some of them missed them right after Christmas so now you're looking at, you know, couple of weeks worth of garbage out here," said Froemming.

Most of the loads will be heavier this time around. That's why some neighbors pitched in a hand to get the work done quicker.

"Poor drivers, really, at least up and down in this area here, sometimes they're just doing it by themselves. They don't even have people on the truck to help them out," said Froemming.

The city said it's only one day behind schedule and people should expect their trash to be picked up the day after its normal time. Normal Friday pickups should be finished by Saturday, hoping to get the garbage routine back on schedule.

You can call the city's solid waste hotline at 402-444-5238 if your trash pick up was missed. The hotline is open after 7pm to report any missed trash collection.