Civilian Defense Workers Face Reduced Furlough Days

Paul Gutierrez

BELLEVUE (KPTM) - Civilian workers at military bases nationwide, including Offutt Air Force Base, are getting a bit of a furlough reprieve. The Defense Department announced Thursday it's softening required salary cuts.

"That's most definitely encouraging," said Tony Vernon who works at nearby Catfish Lake Restaurant and depends on military business.

The decision by Secretary Chuck Hagel comes after Congress found $10 billion in extra room for spending. This means civilian workers will now only be required to take 14 days off this fiscal year instead of 22.

"The reality is though that's still not good enough," said Rep. Lee Terry.

Terry tells Fox 42 News he prefers no furlough days at all and believes the government should cut elsewhere.

"I think they can find enough waste within their system now, even with sequester, that they don't have to have the 14 days," said Terry.

Fourteen unpaid days the Pentagon says will now likely start in May or June.