Close Call: 40 Foot Tree Limb Barely Misses Hitting Family's Home

Franque Thompson OMAHA (KPTM)- A tree didn't go through one local family's home, but it could have been a close call. A tree limb about 40 feet long fell right in front of Mike McCarthy's home. It cracked off of his tree in his front yard. McCarthy says it fell and blocked the entire street. McCarthy said lugging the limb out of the way and clearing up all of the mess was something he had not planned on doing on his day off. "It doesn't look like it was rotten or anything down there. I don't know if lightning hit it or if it was just the wind," said McCarthy. He said he didn't even realize the wrath of the storm. "My neighbor, Ed, he heard it. He said he was looking out the window and heard a big crack," said McCarthy. Now, what the whole neighborhood can hear is the power of his chainsaw. McCarthy said that big crack could have easily turned into a bigger problem. "We had just had our trees trimmed last year and so I can only imagine how worse it could have been," said McCarthy. Still, the workload from this massive limb has McCarthy busy all day. Though this job on his day off is far from over, he said he's still able to find a plus side to this. "It's a tough way to get fire wood for the fire pit, but i guess this is a way to do it," said McCarthy. McCarthy said, luckily, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction of his house. Otherwise, the limb probably would have taken out his garage. He said he no severe damage, but he will have to get a new mailbox. McCarthy said tree limbs from their neighbors' backyard hit his backyard as well. Those limbs cut off his power around 7:30 last night. McCarthy said he still doesn't have power now.