Clothing Designer Creating Inner City Peace Movement

OMAHA (KPTM)- Alocal clothing designer is making a fashion and social statement for hiscommunity.He'sspeaking out on the violence after more than 40 people were killed in Omahalast year.Michael Toney hopes to bring that number down with style.

Toneyspends hours in his shop trying to make a change in his community. All he needs is aheat press, a shirt and an idea. His message is simple. He wants peace in Omaha.

"It'sjust something that's been on my mind. I've been tired of the violence goingon."

Hisfamily has been hit hard by violence. "Mybrother is paralyzed from what's going on in the streets." That'swhy he's taking on the streets in style with his inner city peace movement.

Hewears his own designs to spread the word. He hopes his message of peace will unite the community.

"Ifyou want help, you have to help yourself. And we need help as a community so we need to come together as acommunity and just stop the violence."

Toneyhas a sweater that says "Caution, kids playing." The idea came right after5-year-old Payton Benson was killed back in January.

"Ourkids, they're our future. They have to grow up. They're going to build ourcommunity. So we have to be here and keep our community strong for our kidsgrowing up."

Toney said it's not all about selling shirts, it's the message he wants seenand heard. Toneystarted creating decides a few weeks ago.

He said many people have reached out in support of themovement which has motivated him to create even more designs.