Coco The Dog Dies With a Giving Legacy Left Behind

ASHLAND (KPTM)- "Her life made a difference in other dogs," said Misty Carter, the owner of Coco, a dog she took in from the streets nearly two years ago."She was eating from trash cans before we took her in," said Carter.She developed a five pound cancerous tumor."Fox 42 helped to raise about $6000.00 for surgery that saved her live and aftercare. It also helped to save the lives of other dogs. Without her, they would not have lived," said Carter.Now her legacy of giving back continues."We want every dog owner to know that spaying you dog will dramatically decrease all kinds of reproductive cancers," said Carter."It is important to to it in the first year of a female dog's life. It will not only decrease the chances of cancer, but it will prevent infections and it will help dogs live longer lives," said Janine Jernigan, Ralston Veterinary Clinic."It's just imperative unless you are a registered breeder. Get your dogs and cats spayed and neutered and you would not have a Coco on your hands," said Julie Starns-Retzlaff, Porter Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Ashland.Coco passed away Friday, May 2, 2014.