Coffee Prices on the Rise

OMAHA (KPTM)- The price of your morning cup, or cups, of coffee is headed up. The reason is because of a deadly fungus that's found in one-third of coffee crops around the world. The fungus is called coffee rust, and it's hitting crops in Central and South America. "Coffee is one of the largest exports," said coffee expert, Nick Tabor. "It's one of the highest traded commodities on the planet." Tabor is a main coffee roaster at Bean Smith in La Vista. He said half of the coffee he imports is from affected areas. "When something kind of hits the coffee market, it's kind of felt widespread," said Tabor. The USDA said the fungus could cut coffee exports by 40 percent in the next couple of years. The price hike will impact small businesses and local roasters like Tabor. "Our cost goes up, we have to pass that along, and absorb some of it too," said Tabor. The USDA announced it's going to study the fungus to help stop the spread. It's spending $5 million to research the fungus and help out the countries affected.