Cold Snap Freezes Car Batteries Across The Metro

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - If you had trouble starting your car this morning, you weren't alone.

By mid morning Monday at Charlie Graham Body and Service, the repair shop was packed with automobiles that wouldn't start. The deep freeze that swept across the metro had also wreaked havoc on important car parts.

"Lots of battery issues," said Jim Champion, the shop's owner. "That's the most common thing in this type of weather."

Champion told FOX 42 News Monday that batteries faltering in sub zero temperatures is what happens when older batteries aren't replaced.

"Your batter capacity is reduced in half or more depending on the weather outside, so if it's kind of weak to begin with it's really not going to start now."

Mechanics recommend you change your battery at least once every three years and, if you can, to park your car in a garage. Those without garages are urged to take longer trips.

"A little five minute trip to the store here and there won't get it done," said Champion. "Cold weather will make the battery eventually lose its charge."

Repair shops also recommend you get your car serviced at least once every three to four months, so you can make sure your car is in tip top shape.