Cold Temperatures Don't Deter Some

Curt Casper

CRESCENT, IA (KPTM) - With Thursday's cold temperatures,some might cuddle up and drink some hot chocolate. But for others this is theperfect time to get outside and enjoy the cold. Some say, what cold?

The cold weather didn't stop Chris Buer from hitting theslopes.

"Yes, it is very cold, earlier today when I got her it waszero degrees almost," he said, "I can't get enough of the freedom that comeswith snowboarding and skiing.

Mount Crescent just north or Council Bluffs is loaded withsnow and folks hitting the slopes.

Front Desk Manager Melissa Muzii tells Fox 42 News they havedie hard season pass people come out everyday if they could. They are able towithstand the cold temperatures because they bundle up.

"Start with something long sleeve underneath, put on someshirts, make sure that you have some gloves, you know face masks, a hat, someear warmers and you would be good to go," she said.

For a complete list of tips for staying warm whenhitting the slopes visit the Mount Crescent website