Congressional Race Heats Up and Kicks Off

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- Congressman Lee Terry kicked off his re-election campaign Sunday. Dozens of people came out to support Terry.

As he met with votes, he shared more than just a handshake, but some frustration with Washington as well.

"It's very frustrating to me to see that the Senate majority feels that deficit spending is proper. I think it's destroying our nation, especially at a trillion-and-a-half a year," said Terry.

Terry has held the second Congressional seat in Nebraska since 1998. However, two challengers say his years in Congress haven't added up to a successful run.

Frustrations with Washington are at an all time high, approval ratings at an all time low. Across the country, political races are heating up, including one in our own backyard.

Two Democratic candidates are vying for Congressman Lee Terry's job.

Senator Gwen Howard and Douglas County Treasurer, John Ewing, each say they are right for the job.

They share two of three platforms. Each wants to focus on job creation in America and Social Security. However, they say the similarities end there.

Ewing wants an educational reform. "(I want to) make sure the government isn't trying to come up with a program. We've seen things like 'No Child Left Behind' and other programs where government has tried to cookie cutter the educational system," said Ewing.

Howard said she wants to focus on women's health issues. "Women deserve to have healthcare coverage for them, for their children, and for their family. And too often, this has come at a higher price for women than it does for men," said Howard.

Each candidate argued that they have more legislative experience and a better track record.

However, political analyst Paul Landau said it'll take a lot to beat Terry. "Even with the low approval rating of Congress, Congressman Terry will still have to be given the edge because he's the incumbent."

Landau said that if one of the Democratic challengers hopes to beat Terry, they'll have to somehow harness the anti-Congress sentiment that's going around.

The primary election in May will decide with Democratic candidate will go one-on-one with Terry.