Couple Finds Trespasser In HomeSleeping

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - They found a stranger in their home, but he wasn't robbing them--he was asleep on their couch.

By law, 32-year-old Ryan Rodriguez intruded into a couple's home near 132nd and Q streets Tuesday. But police said he was guilty of nothing more than sleeping in the wrong home.

An unwelcome visit it was, but Jane Andrews was relieved she could say, "the situation could have been worse".

"It looks like it wasn't pushed over far enough," Andrews showed FOX 42's Leah Uko how the deadbolt lock wasn't turned all the way. "So he just pushed it open a bit and just walked right in."

Andrews said her husband Ron heard a noise around 5 a.m. but didn't think much of it. Two hours later, they both walked down the stairs. To the left they saw the front door open. To the right they saw Rodriguez with his shoes off, bundled up and knocked out.

"He was covered with a white, throw blanket that he had gotten from the other couch," Andrews continued. "I don't know how long he thought he was going to sleep there, but he probably didn't even--he wasn't even thinking that straight."

Instead of waking Rodriguez up, they quietly walked into the kitchen and into the garage to call the police.

"We just didn't want to startle him and then, you know, if he might have a knife or something on him."

OPD officer James Shade said Rodriguez was drunk and thought it was his house.

Andrews said this was a relief to know he wasn't breaking in, but alarming to know the opportunity was there.

"We've got to kind of blame ourselves for not re-checking that door to make sure that it was really locked tight."

Rodriguez was charged with Criminal Trespassing. Tuesday morning, officers took him to his correct home.