Creighton Prep To Hold Mandatory Drug Testing

OMAHA (KPTM)- In the pantheon of news events throughout the 135 years of service to Omaha, Creighton Prep added an historical one.

"We will implement a mandatory drug testing program," said John Naatz, Creighton Prep Principal.

"It reinforces what we already believe," said Mari Rensch who has a boy who graduated from Prep and another one who is a junior at the school

"I think it gives the kids another out for peer pressure to say hey I can't do it and I think it's going to make a big difference," added Rensch.

That is one of the hopes. The other is to get a grip on a growing problem in all Metro area schools.

"Our students are no different than any other students in the area. They have the same peer pressures and so we really wanted to be proactive in implementing this program, " said John Naatz.

"You have the people who are against it at first and the people who are gung ho about it. But overall I think people will begin to accept it and notice all the great things that can come forth from it. When you are out on weekends it will be in the back of your mind. And hopefully it will give people a reason to say no to some of those peer pressures that come up," said Adam Mullin, Creighton Prep Sophomore Class President.

The first year, 80 percent of the students will be tested by using hair samples. Within two years 100 percent of the students will be tested.

A failed first test will be shared with parents and a counselor. A failed second test will result in disciplinary action and a third test will result in dismissal from Prep.

The tests will begin in August, 2014. Students will be tested for cocaine, PCPs, binge drinking, marijuana, amphetamines, and opiates.