Crime Increases In Regency Neighborhood: Car Theft Leads To Crash

OMAHA (kptm) - A new rise in crime in an Omaha neighborhood has people living there, worried for their safety. Now another person has become a victim after thieves stole her Jeep and crashed it in North Omaha. The victim said she believes the people living in Regency are becoming targets.Omaha Police said two officers spotted the Jeep in North Omaha; they thought something was suspicious so they decided to follow it. Police said that's when the driver took off and crashed at 54th and Bedford. The victim said she had no idea her car was stolen."I just can't even believe it. It's really shocking. To know that someone was on your property, to know that you don't know who they are, and that they were on your property, that is really terrifying," Cathy Witt said.She said when she left for church it was pouring rain. She didn't realize the Jeep was missing until an officer called her."Saying that my car was over here at 54th and Bedford so I had no idea what kind of condition it was, which kind of shape it was in, or what had happened. They had said just to get over here."Witt said the crooks damaged the steering column trying to start the ignition. "Patrolman showed me how they used their this is their screwdriver, so boy, it'd be nice to test their fingerprints."And after taking it for a joyride police said they jumped the curb and crashed into the retaining wall. "I mean it's an old car but it's my car you know, you don't want anybody taking your stuff."And this isn't the first theft in Regency. Nearly 250 crimes have been committed in her neighborhood in just the last 12 weeks. "I don't know, it makes me kind of concerned about everything."She worries the crooks that stole her car may have been targeting her neighborhood. She hopes they realize that what they did is wrong before they get trapped in a life of crime."I think that anytime you're doing something like this, if you're stealing vehicles whatever, I think you're just part of the crime paradigm. You're going to be doing the next illegal worse thing past that and it goes from there."Omaha Police officers are asking for your help finding the crooks responsible, they said more than likely they'll brag to their friends about what they did. Police are asking those friends to turn them in. Omaha police said you can help stop these crimes from happening by watching out for each other. Investigators encourage people to be alert and to contact officers if you see suspicious activity. This includes strangers going door to door, unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhood, and unusual noises such as dogs barking continuously and glass breaking. If you have any information regarding these crimes contact Crime Stoppers at 444-STOP.