Crooks Target Game Repair Shop Owner A Second Time

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Targeted a second time. The owner of a local game repair shop says crooks came after him again but this time they didn't come inside, they went for his truck.

He says the attack is a huge burden on his business.

The owner of the Game Repair Shop off 120th and Center opened his business when he was just 14 years old. He's worked his life for this company and he says it's hard to see criminals take advantage of him.

Owner David Mitchell says thieves destroyed his SUV, "the glass is broken, glass was everywhere all over on the car, the seat covers were torn up," Mitchell says.

He says he was targeted, the thieves didn't just take the items inside his truck, they also slashed his tire multiple times. "This is just the work of someone that's just angry honestly cause there's no way you're going to just walk up to a random persons car and just start ripping it up which right there that's a dead give away."

This isn't the first time criminals have come after him. In April, he says, four men came inside his store and beat him with a Guitar Hero game controller. "Slammed into this wall, broke the wall and I fell down into these Guitar Hero boxes."

Mitchell says he's worked hard to get where he is. He opened his store when he was just 14 years old.

Now, he says, he's devastated that someone is trying to take it all away. "I grew up very poor with nothing and everything I had I had to work for because we didn't have anything to get so you know it's sad to see people go to this extreme to take from someone who actually had to come up and work through the struggle that had nothing," he says.

He says he's been working closely with the police department to find the crooks and he has a message for whoever did this. "They came got fingerprints, got a lot of fingerprints, so the person who did it you're going to get caught, so if you're out there, you're watching this right now, your fingerprints is on my car."

He hopes the police department can catch whoever did this to his business but he also says the insurance company told him they wouldn't pay for the damages. He's hoping that somebody out there will help him out, give him a few donations.

He says the insurance company told him the damage is not covered under his liability insurance. If you have any information regarding the crime, police urge you to call crime stoppers at 444-STOP.