Custodian Saves 1st Grader From Choking

OMAHA (KPTM)- Heroes can comefrom all places, even from where you might not expect.

"I didn't thing anything of it, Ididn't think it would be such a big thing," said Orlando Stubblefield.

Stubblefield has been working asa custodian at Sunset Hills Elementary School for three years but has beenworking for Westside schools for 14 years.

Last Monday, Stubblefield didsomething he'd never done before, save a first-grader from choking.

"I was cleaning the floor andsome of the first grade kids told me a child was choking," said Stubblefield.

At the time, 7-year-old AddyHagger was choking on a piece of salami.

"I was eating a piece of salamiand I accidentally swallowed a piece that was this big," said Addy.

"I looked over she had tearscoming down her face. So I asked her if she was alright-and she couldn't speak,"said Stubblefield.

Stubblefield rushed over andperformed the Heimlich maneuver on Addy.

"Orlando came and helped me,"said Addy.

After Addy coughed up her food,she gave Stubblefield a sign she was okay.

"Asked her if she was alright she gave me a thumbs up," saidStubblefield, with a smile.

He got more than just a 'thumbs up,' but a standing ovationTuesday night.

Stubblefield was recognized by the Westside School Districtfor saving Addy.

"I didn't think nothing of it. I didn't think it would besuch a big thing," said Stubblefield.

Addy said after all this, lunch is still oneof her favorite things about school.

"It's a good thing my Momma gave me turkey thistime."