Customers Flock to Blair Dealership for Hail Damaged Cars at Deep Discounts

BLAIR(KPTM)-Tuesday's storm didn't just wreak havoc on buildings and houses but cars too. One auto lot in Blair saw many of its cars hit or damaged by hail, but that's not all bad news. For those willing to put up with cosmetic damage, new cars can be bought for almost half off."A mess, an utter mess," is how Sid Dillon tow truck driver Jason Wolff describes all of the weather-damaged cars in Blair. Wolff came from Fremont to help tow cars that were made unsafe to drive after hail and high winds took out windshields. Both car owners and dealerships in the area got hit hard with hail damage.Woodhouse is a Blair dealership that got hit hard but is working to turn those hail dings into ca-ching by giving customers who don't mind the damage a deal. James House of Fremont made the drive to find a car for his son, while marveling at some of the deals. "With this hail damage, maybe I'll get a better price," said House who was looking for a discount to the tune of fifty percent.And that number isn't unheard of, as Woodhouse determines the damage and discounts on a case-by-case basis. One happy customer says he saved more than twenty grand on a new Chrysler 300, with broken windows, a door handle off of its hinge and plenty of hail dings. "$31,000, that's what they'll take for it right now," he added "normally it's $54,000." But if you're not okay with a dinged up car and eventually you want to get that body work done, it doesn't come cheap. For that Chrysler 300 sold today, it could be $14,000 or more to get it looking like new. The dealership does, however take care of the glass for those buying the dented cars, to make them safe to drive.