Cut Your Dead Trees, Experts Say Spring Time is the Right Time

By: LeahUko

PAPILLION,NE (KPTM) - Spring is here, which means warmer weather, but also strong winds.Tree service professionals want homeowners to take this time to get their deadtrees and branches cut before those winds break them--and damage falls ontotheir properties.

A crewwith Vinny's Tree Service spent its day cutting down a gigantic tree and deadbranches from other trees in Michelle Brandt's Papillion yard.

"It worriesme that it could have hit, like, any one of our sheds or maybe even one oftheir homes over there."

Brandt saidshe loved her trees, but lately had spent less time admiring the shady branchesand more time picking them up out of her yard and her neighbors' yards.

"I knowthey didn't like it," Brandt told FOX 42's Leah Uko. "It kind of created badblood between us. Not bad blood, but they weren't happy that they had to dothat."

Owner ofVinny's Tree Service, Vinny Palermo said most people don't know when it's timeto cut their dead branches until a storm comes through and rips them apart.

"Thesetrees that are made to be out in the open, now they're in people's front yards,backyards right next to their deck," Palermo said.

He saidcleaning the mess up is not easy or cheap.

"Repairon the roof, it isn't just the roof. It's the stuff under the roof, the beamsunder that. That stuff is very expensive to fix," he continued. "It's almostalways an insurance claim."

Tree servicecompanies suggest removing one-third of your oldest limbs every year. If they'retoo large, insect or disease ridden or show winter damage, they say, get rid ofthem,

For thinner,smaller trees it's recommended to cut outside the branch collars if they're brokendead or have diseases as well.

Brandt neverthought her trees would be that much work.

"I neverthought about it that way, no. because they're supposed to bring beauty andshade and enjoyment."

She wasglad, however, that she fixed her tree problem before it landed in her face.