Daily Habits Could Be Ruining The Health Of Your Eyes

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Your eyes are the strongest muscles in your body, but your daily habits could be making them weaker. Doctors said many people are not getting their eyes checked to treat some of those problems.

Midwest Eye Care patient, Kristi Shotkoski, said she knows the important of annual eye exams.

"I've probably had an eye exam every year since I was five," said Shotkoski.

Not everyone takes part in the healthy habit. Doctors said everyone should get their eyes checked at least once a year. This is to treat any eye infections that could happen, especially for people who wear contacts.

"We see so many eye infections resulting from people having poor hygiene and poor maintenance of their contacts," said Midwest Eye Care optometrist, Dr. Teri Geist.

Doctors said always use fresh contact solution daily; and never put contacts in your mouth or water. It's also recommended to throw away old makeup products that haven't been used for a while.

"There's bacteria that comes in contact with that applicator. So you want to make sure that you dispose of that properly, every couple months is ideal," said Dr. Geist.

Doctors said it's important to wear sunglasses everyday, especially on sunny days and even more so when snow is on the ground.

"Ultra violet light can damage the eye, specifically can cause early cataracts and it can cause an increase risk of macular degeneration," said Dr. Geist.

"I've had a couple times where I've had some issues and know what it's like to not have very good vision," said Shotkoski.

Doctors recommend cutting back on eye drop use. Drops that are advertised to take the red out of your eyes can make your eyes' blood vessels smaller. Plus, doctors said the redness can still come back--even making them redder than before.

Doctors also suggest taking a break from staring at a computer screen for long stretches. You should be blinking 12-15 times per minute to distribute fluid to your eyes.