Denison, Iowa Comes Together As A Community After Storm Passes Through Town

DENISON, IOWA (kptm) - New damage in the small town of Denison, Iowa has the town coming together. Sunday night's storms blew off roofs, turned over RV's and took down tree branches. Now people are spending their holiday cleaning up. The campground at Yellow Smoke Park in Dens ion took the most damage in last night's storm. Nearly every RV was damaged. Many were on their sides and some were even on their roofs. One man said he was lucky. He didn't have any damage at all."It was a war zoneis what it looked like."Campers mangled, tables bent, trees uprootedit's the sight these campers dealt with after the storm passed."It would thunder for like 10 minutes at a time, lots of lightning, lots of rain and the hail came and it turned that horrible green colorit was scary."And after it was over, many were facing a long night of cleaning up. "Campers were different directions and we were very fortunate our camper was in the middle of three campers and ours had trees all around it that came down but didn't get hit. Campers across the road right next to the lake wereone of them was on its top, there were two of three of them on their side," camper Jeff Sievertsen said.Now the entire town of Denison is pulling together, picking up branches and hauling loads of tree limbs to the city compost site. "Any time you have damage like this it just throws a wrench in things," Mayor Brad Bonner said.And with truck after truck dropping off more tree limbs; it's even a chance for the newly elected mayor to get to know his town a little better."Most people don't know who I am, but it's good to be here...I'm not here because I'm mayor, it's not an election year. It just needed to be done," Bonner said.Working hard and pulling together as a community, yet still leaving enough time to celebrate the holiday."Well it helps its Labor Day too. This isn't how I intended to spend the holiday but definitely get it done and over with before it gets too hot out."The Mayor said if you have any damage that you want to get rid of, specifically trees; there are three drop off sites in town. The mayor also said everyone in town was prepared for the storm. The park supervisor at the campground even contacted campers ahead of time to make sure everyone found shelter. No one was injured.