Diligence Pays Off For Frugal Valentine's Day Gift Shoppers

OMAHA (KPTM)- "We are not going to raise prices on flowers," said Frank Piccolo, General Manager of Piccolo's Florists.

But the Omaha staple for Valentine's flowers will offer upgrades for early orders.

"We will add to the order or give them a free box of candy," said Piccolo.

Flower prices are expected to go up anywhere from $10.00 to $30.00 per dozen as Valentines Day gets closer, according to Piccolo.

"It's because of the growers who take advantage of supply and demand," said Piccolo.

Other popular Valentine's day gift items include chocolates. KPTM found that a 30 ounce box of assorted chocolates from Russell Stover were selling for $19.00. The same box at Walgreens sold for $29.99.

1/4 carat diamond, in 14 carat gold diamond earrings sold for $149.99 at K-Mart. The same earrings at Kohl's sold for $134.99 after discounts.