Doctor Warns To Cover Up or Risk Frostbite

OMAHA(KPTM)-With temperatures expected to remain below freezing at least into the weekend. the cold isn't going away any time soon. One doctor warns that the kind of bitter cold we've seen this week can mean frostbite if you don't bundle up right.

"It takes just a matter of minutes for skin to get frostbit if you are not wearing the correct layers and the correct clothing, we are definitely seeing that here in the clinic and in the emergency room," said Dr. Mindy Lacey who us a family physician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

To stay safe, Lacey recommends dressing in three layers with the first being close to the skin. She recommends long underwear in materials that wick away moisture but keep the heat in. The recommended mid-layer includes a sweatshirt or vest and long pants. The outer layer includes coats, scarves, boots, gloves and hats. Lacey says keeping your head and neck protected as well as your core should be a priority.

When it comes to layering, there is such thing as overdoing it. She says too many layers can make you sweat and you don't want that because having moisture on your skin can cause your body temperature to drop.

When it comes to footwear Lacey suggests warm, lined boots and doesn't recommend wearing more than one pair of socks at once because she says two or more can cut off circulation.