Doctors Share Two New Procedures that Can Shave off Up To Ten Years

Laura Berry

OMAHA(KPTM)-If you're looking to shave off a few years without surgery, you're in luck. Omaha doctors are offering more and more scalpel-free procedures that can be performed same-day with no down time. One uses sound waves to tighten skin, another uses a patient's own plasma to plump the skin.

When Jen Salzbrenner lost 60 pounds, she discovered a passion for exercise and a brand new body. "It transformed me," said Salzbrenner. But she also saw a change she didn't like- a thinner face- that showed dark circles and crows feet. So, she sought out the help of Dr. Gerard Stanley Jr. of Sculpt Aesthetics.

Dr. Stanley suggested a "Sculpt Lift" which is a procedure that uses a patient's own plasma. The procedure starts with a blood draw, the blood is then put in a centrifuge for about 20 minutes. The process allows the platelet-rich plasma to be separated.The golden liquid that remains, otherwise known as the "PRP", is the anti-aging ingredient that's injected back into the face to plump up areas that need it most.

Salzbrenner's "Sculpt Lift" took about an hour and she was able to watch the whole thing using a hand mirror and guiding Dr. Stanley throughout the procedure. " I think a lot of people are saying ' is this too good to be true?' but as they're doing they're research they're finding that this is really the movement in cosmetic surgery," said Stanley.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger performs both traditional cosmetic surgery as well as new scalpel-less procedures. He says anti-aging options from botox to fillers and now Ultherapy are keeping him busy with patients who want results but don't want downtime."You see so many people who have little areas that they want to tweak and can very easily be brought back to where they were ten years ago without much muss and fuss and zero downtime which is great," said Schlessinger.

Dr.Schlessinger says one of his patients' newest options is Ultherapy, which uses sound waves to tighten the skin and boost collagen. "Probably the area that Ultherapy works the most predictably on is the eyes. There's a remarkable difference," said Schlessinger, who adds the results can improve more areas than just the face. "It's really a beautiful thing to see somebody who's looked at their neck and has had really significant troubles with their neck or jowls or other areas and they see the differences in a moment," said Schlessinger.

Both doctors add that combining other fillers or botox can improve the results of the two procedures. So how much will you pay? A Sculpt Lift costs about $1200 per treatment, according to Dr. Stanley. shows the average cost of Ultherapy in Omaha at about $3000. The same site shows a traditional facelift in the Omaha area can vary widely but it's not uncommon for patients to pay $10,000 for the procedure.