Owner Defends Dog's Attacking of 9-Year-Old Girl

By: LeahUko

OMAHA(KPTM) - The owner of a dog that attacked a little girl spoke out in itsdefense on Monday.

DonnaMatherne was cited for not having a dog license and not having a rabies vaccinationfor her English bulldog that bit a 9-year-old girl in her face Saturday.

"Typicallyhe's not a dangerous dog," Matherne told reporters outside her southwest Omahahome. "He's not mean, he's not hateful, he's not a pit bull. It was just afreak accident."

Mathernebrought the dog, whose name is "Bubba", over to her friend's house. She wasn'tin the same room when the attack happened, but said her friend's daughter waspetting the dog when he suddenly bit her in the face--tearing her lip.

Mathernesaid the attack was out of her dog's character.

"He'sbeen around people, he's socialized, he's been raised with kids."

She saidbecause her year and a half old bulldog was still young, she was still gettingto know his likes and dislikes.

"Dogs don'tusually mature until they're two. So maybe he doesn't like children. There aredogs out there that just don't like kids. There are dogs out there that just don'tlike men or women for whatever reason, but you just don't know that until youget grown."

The dogwill stay at the Nebraska Humane Society where he will get tested for rabies. Officialswill also evaluate him to see whether or not he is dangerous.

MarkLangan with NHS said if people come into contact with a strange or hostile dogto "act like a tree". He advised people not to run away, but to be still toavoid the dog chasing after them.