Dog Escapes from Vet Office

OMAHA (KPTM)- OneOmaha family is searching for their dog after it ran away while on a walk attheir veterinarian's office.

"I'm just exhausted and (I) want our dog back," said KellyWelch.

Welch's 11-month old black lab Charlotte went missing Thursday. Charlotte was getting spayed at 24thStreet Animal Clinic when she ran away. Welch said she was told a vet tech waswalking Charlotte when she slipped out of her collar and ran.

"She was coming out of her anesthesia and she needed to gooutside and go to the bathroom," said Welch. "She got off of her collar and ranaway."

Welch said she and her husband rushed to the clinic andsearched for Charlotte for hours, but with no luck.

"Now she has nothing, no identifying chips," saidWelch. "She's not chipped she doesn'thave any tags on."

Welch said she's contacted the veterinarian officerepeatedly, but hasn't gotten much help. "Feel like I've been doing a lot ofthe contacting them and they necessarily haven't said anything other than we'resorry."

The 24th Street Animal Clinic released thisstatement to FOX 42 on Sunday. "Charlotte's getting loose is a tragic eventthat the clinic is taking full responsibility for. Posters have been placed insurrounding neighborhoods to help locate Charlotte. We are offering a rewardfor her return. We are sending our condolences to Charlotte's family. Ourthoughts and prayers are for a safe return of Charlotte to her family."

Welch said that though the statement talked about 'rewardmoney,' the only reward money she has is coming out of her own pocket. She said she and her family have been theones hanging posters all around 24th and Vinton.

"I don't know what I want them to do, but it just doesn'tseem like enough," said Welch.

Welch said she's trying to focus on bringing Charlotte home,and not on her frustrations.

"As more time goes by, it's harder to be as hopeful as whenwe started out," said Welch. "I am hopeful we will see her again and she'llcome back to us."

Charlotte is an 11-month-old black Labrador and goldenRetriever mix and weighs around 50 pounds. She was last seen near 18thand Deer Park Boulevard. She has a whitepatch of fur underneath her back leg and a scar on her stomach from hersurgery.

If you think you know where Charlotte may be, please contactthe Nebraska Humane Society by clicking here.