Donations Stolen from Alcoholics Anonymous Group

Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM)- A thief stole donation envelopes from anAlcoholics Anonymous group.

President Martin Lenz said someone through a cement brick through a glass doorthrough the Hamilton Club Saturday.

Lenz found the damage Sunday morning, right before one of his meetings.

"I was sortof in shock a little bit. I saw theglass broken and didn't realize the inside had been broken into."

Recovering alcoholics meet at the Hamilton Club seven days a week. Donations left in this basket keep theplace running.The money comes from members.

"We do have to pay the bills. We have rent, utilities, coffee and sugarand everything else that comes with it."

"We hope they use the money for somethinggood. Maybe to eat, or feed theirfamily or who knows what."

Around $200is missing. Lenz says he still has to replace anotherdoor.

"People are donating a little bit extra inthe basket when we pass it. It's comingalong pretty good."

"We forgive the person or people thatdid this. Hopefully that person will come back someday, and let us help the."

After 10 years being sober, it's help hebelieves in first hand.

Police have fingerprints and are trying to track down the thief.