Douglas County Attorney Rules Deadly Shooting Justified

OMAHA (KPTM) - Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine Monday announced no criminal charges would be filed against the man who shot a man police say was breaking into his house Saturday night.

Ramon Matlock died from gunshots at the hospital. Police found him shot outside a home near 49th Avenue and Browne.

Omaha Police say the homeowner and neighbors told them Matlock was trying to break into the man's house about 9pm Saturday. OPD cites Matlock as the suspect in the home invasion and victim of the deadly shooting.

A recently passed "Castle Law" may have played into Kleine's decision. Passed in 2012, it allows a homeowner to use deadly force if they feel threatened or attacked in their home.

The original version of the law was written by Omaha State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh, and would have also blocked civil litigation in the same case. Debate at the time reworded the law to drop denying civil lawsuits against a homeowner who kill or seriously injure someone in the same situation.

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