Douglas County Deputy Arrested for DUI on UNO Campus

OMAHA (KTPM) - A Douglas County Sheriff's Lieutenant was arrested early Saturday morning for drunk driving. He was in his County-issued cruiser SUV at the time.

An OPD police report obtained by FOX 42 News says Richard Lally, Jr was spotted on the University of Nebraska-Omaha campus just after 4am.

Lally was seen driving on the wrong side of the road and weaving on University Drive South. UNO Security called in OPD to assist.

Police say Lally smelled like alcohol. He was given field sobriety tests, and a breathalyzer test registered .185, over twice the legal limit.

He was cited for DUI.

Lt. Lally is a Lieutenant for the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. A department official tells FOX 42 News Lally is a 15-year veteran of the department. He was also driving a County SUV at the time.

The department is gathering reports and conducting an internal investigation. Disciplinary action could follow in the next few weeks.