Dozens Of Children Find Permanent Homes

OMAHA (kptm) - Saturday was National Adoption Day and now dozens of children finally have permanent families. We spoke with one Omaha couple that realized they had enough room in their home and their hearts to adopt three.

Like many couples, Jina and Dan Severinsen were struggling to have more children after their first. So they decided to become a foster family. "We knew we had the love. We knew we had the space in our home, so we decided to try to help the community," Dan Severinsen says.

In the beginning, they wanted to care for a newborn, but over time that decision changed. "The adoption list for babies is really big and there's a lot of couples that want a baby and we kind of were there too but then once we took the classes we found out that you can love and bond with a child that's not a baby and there's a lot of need for it," Jina Severinsen says.

And the need was more than they expected. When Nebraska Children's Home Society called, they offered the Severinsen's a much larger family than they had planned for. "Ultimately when the call came through and they said how do you feel about bringing three into your homemy first answer was call my wife and see what she thinks," Dan says.

Jina was more than happy to take them in and over time Jeremy, Destiny, and Precious became available for adoption. At that point, the Severinsen's realized they loved their three foster children too much to let them go. So they adopted them. "We know them, we know their attitudes and this will just help to solidify our relationship because they know this is our forever home, they're never gonna have to leave here," Dan says.

The Severinsen family isn't the only Omaha family that experienced the joy of National Adoption Day. Over 50 kids were adopted at the courthouse yesterday and now they all have a place they can finally call home. "I've been through a lot of houses, I'll stay here forever," Jeremy says. "I like my mommy and daddy, I like my new big sister," Destiny says.

While these kids found their forever homes, adoption officials say there are still many out there in need of a family.