Drivers Frustrated After Part Of Road Collapses

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Drivers in west Omaha had quite a headache over the past few days dealing with backed up traffic and a major road closure.

City officials said they had to close 180th street after a partial road collapse.

Drivers said they struggled finding new ways to avoid the barricades.

City officials said construction crews have been working non-stop to get 180th street back open for drivers.

Commuters found other ways to and from work, 168th street or 192nd, but construction season is only just beginning and drivers are already fed up. "It's just really irritating, you know? When you're someone who has to get someplace right then and there, Tapiwa Mavhezha said.

Driver after driver got quite a surprise when the road they were taking quickly dropped off. "All of a sudden there was a big gap in the road and I know I hit it, so it was pretty bad," Doris Fleming said.

City officials said they closed 180th street between Center and "F" after part of the road collapsed. "It was something that happened all of a sudden, it was there, it was dangerous and it had to get fixed," Fleming said.

Originally crews left one lane open, but after assessing the damage they quickly closed both directions. "I wish they would of done something to at least leave one side of the road open," Mavhezha said.

And because it happened so suddenly, construction crews couldn't give drivers advance warning. "Annoying still because I live literally at the front of the neighborhood so I have to go all the way to the back (of the neighborhood) to get to my house," Mavhezha said.

Leaving car after car searching for alternate routes, "it's really irritating though because when they do construction like for example on 156th and Center, they did that overnight, so why couldn't they work on this one overnight as well, and that was done the next day and people can still get to work and stuff."

Construction crews opened both lanes of 180th street during rush hour Tuesday evening.

City officials encourage drivers to check out the city's traffic website. It has a Google map and it lists all the current construction projects around the metro. Visit and click the traffic icon near the top.

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