Company Parking Lot On Busy Intersection Now A Concern For Customers

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- If you have ever eaten at The Food Court on 42nd and Grover, you might want to be careful where you park. Employees said drivers are racing through the restaurant's parking lot to get where they need to go because left turns aren't allowed if you're trying to go east on Grover.

"They come up to the street and then pull through our parking lot to be able to go their left way," said Brytne Stuart, who works at The Food Court.

The peak time drivers cut through the parking lot is between 3pm and 5pm and none of them stop to buy something to eat. Stuart said the parking lot is used as a detour route for those heading east on Grover Street because left turns aren't allowed off of 42nd.

"The no left turns, people get really confused on not being able to take the left turn and another car is going super fast," said Stuart.

Stuart said she sees close calls--even accidents nearly every day.

"We've actually had employees' relatives getting in wrecks coming here!" she said.

The main concern The Food Court has is the safety of its customers. Stuart said she'd like to see some changes soon so no one gets hit crossing the parking lot.

"People need to slow down and possibly maybe take down no left turn signs. Maybe that will help," she said.

The Omaha Police Department's Traffic Unit said, depending on the speed and number of pedestrians around, a driver could get a $100 ticket for careless or negligent driving.