Drought Over, But Platte River Still Drying Up

Paul Gutierrez

FREMONT (KPTM) - Sand and silt still replaces water down by the Platte River near Fremont. It's been that way now for more than a year, which caught some people by surprise Wednesday who were expecting the drought's end to fix everything up.

"For us running airboats, it's very hard to see the river at these shallow depths like this," said Tim Bryson, the owner of Bryson's Airboat Tours.

The lack of water means anything you can think of comes into view.

"Pretty much any fish that lives in this water, for example, we probably saw it dead yesterday."

Even Bryson's guests were stunned by what they saw as they took a tour of the river. Those with cameras were anxiously taking pictures and capturing the landscape with every snapshot they took.

"I figured it would have been higher this year," said John Kingsley. "Seeing all of those sandbars out there is just very surreal."

Neighbors tell Fox 42 News they're not sure how much worse the low water levels will get, but they are eagerly awaiting the day water begins to surge again because they're tired of seeing the Platte River look so desolate.