E-Cigarette Liquid: How Safe Is It?

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - If you're an e-cigarette user you may want to reconsider what liquids you're using in your vaporizer. The local poison control center said this year alone it's had more than 60 calls regarding e-liquid. Now it's urging buyers to take a closer look at the products they're picking up. Currently there's no federal agency that regulates e-cigarette liquid, so you really don't know who's mixing it up or whether it's in a clean facility. A local poison control specialist said she did a study and found that even the labels may be inaccurate. "We sent off several containers or vials of the e-cigarette liquid and sent it off to a lab to get it tested to find out if the amount of milligrams of nicotine that it says on the container is in there, was actually in thereand it wasn't. So in some cases you weren't getting hardly any nicotine at all and in some cases there was a lot more nicotine that was in there than it said on the label."Joan McVoy said because e-cigarette liquid isn't regulated, a buyer can't really know what they're getting."I think with products like this, it's buyer beware."While some stores sell the vials sealed and pre-packaged others package the containers right on the counter in front of you."You don't know what you're getting correct? So that's the danger of it. You don't know if someone in the backroom, say Joe has had a bad day; Joe didn't mix up the right amount. He puts a lot higher percentage in there."She also said the e-cigarette liquid can get into the wrong hands. "They come in 7,000 different flavors, it's attracting to small children. They smell good, they've got a picture of maybe a fruit or something like that on the front of it and so kids will drink it."Poison Information Specialist Joan McVoysaids to make sure the e-cigarette liquid is kept out of the hands of small children. Make sure your buying vials that have child proof caps and lock the vials in a medicine cabinet out of reach. McVoy also said the label may say 24 milligrams but she said that's not for the whole vial, that's just per milliliter. If you do have an adverse reaction to the e-cigarette liquid, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.