Elderly Woman Scammed Of Roof Repair Ready To Take Legal Action

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- 45 days and thousands of dollars later, a family wants their money back from a company they said is scamming them. One north Omaha family said they paid more than $4,000 to have their roof fixed, but they said it's been nearly two months later, and the company hasn't touched their roof. Now they said they're ready to take legal action.

"He hasn't done anything at all. He hasn't shown up at all," said the 88-year-old homeowner.

The woman asked not to be identified in fear of being targeted again, said she's been scammed.

"That makes me very angry, very angry. That he would do this to a senior citizen that is a big penalty I guess, elderly abuse," she said.

Her son filed a police report against Kuck Roofing--stating the company cashed her down payment of $4,210. The homeowner's copies of the contracts show a deal was made and signed by Tim Kuck on May 23rd. The homeowner said it's been 45 days and the company still has not done any work.

"I really didn't want to pay that much, but I thought, 'well we go ahead and pay some good money and get him a good down payment he'll go ahead and do our work. But just the opposite," she said.

Her son said Kuck Roofing promised to fix everything from the roof, gutters, and shutters to the trim. The contracts break down all the work to be done in detail. But instead of doing the work, the 88-year-old said Kuck gave her nothing but excuses.

"He just says, 'Well you know, I scheduled, but it's a rain, it rained.' And it's always when he schedules the appointment it was when it was going to rain," she said.

Now she said she doesn't even want the company to do the job it was paid to do. She just wants her money back.

"I thought well, 'You got paid well, what's the problem? You know? It's very frustrating," she said.

The family said Kuck Roofing is taking legal action in this case. The homeowner was told by the company's attorney that Tim Kuck did nothing wrong. Now the family said they will also take legal matters because they have the contracts and other documents to prove their claim.

FOX 42 tried reaching out to Kuck and his company, but had no response.