Emergency Rooms Flooded With Patients Monday

OMAHA (KPTM)- "I started down the steps and the feet went out from underneath me and down I went," said Lynn Parsons who fell on the ice at his home while walking his dog Monday morning.

He was one of almost 80 people who went to emergency rooms around Omaha after falling on ice.

"I bruised my elbow and my back I just wanted to make sure nothing was broken, " said Parsons.

He endured plenty of pain but no surgery. He was lucky.

Most of the patients broke ankles or wrists.

"You fall and you put your hand out to brace and if you don't get your hand out you can break your wrist. You can get a shoulder injury, a break in the hip, you can slip and you can get an ankle fracture as well," said Dr. Karl Bergmann of Alegent Creighton Hospital.

He expects more cases on Tuesday, not because of the weather, but because of lingering pain.

"You'll get some people who will try to tough it out, they will come back tomorrow. You will see more tomorrow too, they thought they had a sprain and now it's black and blue.," said Bergmann.