End to Government Shutdown Sends Furloughed People Back to Work

MISSOURI VALLEY, IOWA (KPTM)- The Senate and Congress agreedto fund the government late Wednesday evening, which sent thousands of workersback to work Thursday morning.

"We didn't understand when we'd be called back and there's alittle bit of unknown," said Ken Block.

Block works at the Desoto National Wildlife refuge inMissouri Valley, Iowa. "We have pumps in water, fields we flood that we try tomaintain these wetlands, and we wanted to get back here," said Block.

Block and thousands of other federal workers went to workThursday morning. President Obamasigned a bill that would fund the government until January 15th andraise the debt ceiling until February 7th.

Block said it's a relief to get back to work. "For us wefeel privileged to be able to come to work at a place like this."

"A national park says it all, they've picked the best of thebest, they've preserved it for us, and there are just so many unique things,"said Patty Ervine.

Ervine is beginning her tour of national parks, starting atthe Desoto Wildlife Refuge. "We are going to go up to mount Rushmore and crazyhorse," said Ervine.

She said the trip has been planned for a little over amonth. "I was really upset when we heard we might not be able to go to thenational park," said Ervine.

More than fifty visitors went to the Desoto Wildlife RefugeThursday.

Block said he knows there's work to be done, and he's happyto be able to do it.