Exercise Balls Keep Kids Focused in Classroom

OMAHA (KPTM)- They are red, gold, blue, and gray, but the benefits of a colorful classroom are not just a work of art."The exercise balls have cut down on behavioral issues dramatically," said Karolyn Roby, fourth grade teacher at OPS's Adams Elementary School. She wrote and received a grant for a classroom full of exercise balls that replaced her student's chairs."The research I saw on the affects were amazing," said Roby."They help improve the kids' stamina. They cut down of behavior, they cut down on restroom breaks and they are good for students with ADHD who just need that little movement," said Roby.That little movement keeps Gianna Catob more focused in Roby's classroom."You can bounce a little, but you pay attention more. It helps me to look forward to class and I'm more interested," said Catob, Adams Elementary School 4th grader."They really make a difference. I start the year without them. I had about 20 kids asking for bathroom breaks. Then, when I use the balls after a month from the start of school, it's about 2 of those breaks. So they are working," said Roby