Extreme Green House

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - A UNMC employee and his wife built an extreme green home and they're showing it off to the public to encourage others to follow suit.

Darren and Karen Dageforde built a home to show that anyone can combine energy efficiency and comfortable living under one roof. "So many people get intimidated when they look at the price tag but it's like no if you integrate these systems it's not that hard and it's not that expensive," Karen says.

They combined as many energy efficiencies as they could to see just how little they could consume. Many months they generate more electricity than they use and this summer it cost them less than three dollars to cool their home. "We can cool our house for the cost of a Big Mac. If you want it really cold, Big Mac and a shake for the entire summer," Darren says.

The house is made almost entirely of concrete, even the walls and floors. Buried in the floor is 4500 feet of radiant tubing, which heats and cools the entire home. 18 solar panels line the roof creating usable energy. And because the home is so airtight they installed a geothermal fresh air system to bring oxygen in. Making each room allergen free. "It's helping the environment, it's helping you, it helps your pocketbook. I mean no matter which angle you choose to come into it you're going to get more benefit than what you think you're going to, so go for it, every little bit helps," Karen says.

And the Dageforde's say building a house like this can be affordable. "If you get into a builder that says you can't do this cost effectively that's simply not the fact. We've proven that we can do it and somebody that's a professional at doing these types of things better be able to beat us," Darren says.

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