Fake Tickets Are Hard To Spot; What to Look Out For

OMAHA (KPTM)- There's been more hot-ticket shows in Omahalately.

With those sold out performances, tickets are in highdemand, and scams are too.

"Craigslist, Ebay, and different things like that are kindof like the world's garage sale," said Chad Carr, with Ticket Express.

Carr said when big acts come to town, he hears of moreticket scams than ever. "There's just never a 100 percent sure way to find outif that ticket is legitimate or not," said Carr.

It's a lesson Ben Degagne had to learn the hard way.

"He wasn't really making eye contact with me or anythinglike that. He let me check out the tickets and I looked at the Ticket Masterprint outs," said Degagne.

Degagne had posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for ticketsto the sold out Luke Bryan show. Degagne said one man messaged him back, sayinghe had tickets-for cheap.

"His girlfriend and him got into a fight-and he was justgoing to take the loss and sell them for much cheaper," said Degagne.

Degagne paid $80 for two tickets, well below the marketvalue.

"If they're wanting to sell something significantly belowthe market value-that's usually the red flag," said Degagne,

Unfortunately, besides a large mark down, there isn't an easyway to spot a fake ticket, said Carr.

"Scammers will have a lot of things right, but they will missthings. They will miss like the date of the show, or they'll put a section onthe ticket that isn't a real section," said Carr.

Carr said the best thing to do is be thorough. He said makesure to check the date on the ticket, the section and row numbers, andspelling. He suggested to even look up the seller on facebook, somethingDegagne did too late.

"Afterwards, I drove by his car and realized there was nofront, no rear license plate. I looked at the name on the tickets andfacebooked the tickets and it didn't come out to be anybody that appearedreal," said Degagne.

Degagne said when he got to the concert, he found that thetickets had already been used and he was out $80.

"They told us that the tickets had been used and there was alot of fakes going around," said Degagne after talking with police.

Carr said to avoid being a victim, never pay in cash. Herecommended using a credit card instead of a debit card.

"A credit card itself is easier to protest the charges,"said Carr.

Carr said, also ask for a driver's license or photo IDfrom the seller. "Make sure people are being safe, not only with their money,but aware of their surroundings as well."

Written By: Maureen Wurtz