Families Evacuated: Flooding in Iowa Town

Franque ThompsonMISSOURI VALLEY, IA (KPTM)- Several families are out of their homes, Monday, after the weekend's heavy rain storms flooded the Boyer River, about two miles east of Missouri Valley Iowa. City officials called for one neighborhood to be evacuated until the water settles back down."There's a bunch of water coming down, seeping through. And now everyone's packing and moving stuff," said Sabrina Coddington, one of the many residents evacuated from their homes. She added, "They said we had about 4 hours or five to out. And then all of a sudden, like 30 minutes later they come down and they're announcing that we have to leave now." The river has been steadily spilling onto the streets in the town. Coddington said officials told residents about one gallon of water per minute was seeping through.Homes spreading between about four blocks in the area were evacuated. Coddington packed up her car with what she could, but said she's still worried about what's left behind in her home."I got a bunch of stuff in there that could be lost because it's valuable. And I'm like, 'Oh no, what am I going to do?'" said Coddington.It's a question she said she'll likely find an answer to tomorrow, but for now, she's waiting."It's just really nerve wracking," said Coddington.In the meantime, she said her family will be staying with relatives in Missouri Valley that live on a hill. The Rand Community Center in the town has its doors open for anyone who needs shelter. Neighbors said they're expecting the evacuation to last just one