Family Reaches Out To Find Missing Father

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - The family of a man who went missing in December said they have done all they can to find him and need the public's help.

49-year-old Jim Marten was last seen December 10th driving a 2003 silver Hyundai Accent hatchback. His family found the car abandoned in Rick's Boatyard Café parking lot.

They have thought of many possibilities that could have led up to him missing.

"Blow off steam," Marten's older brother Stephen Marten said.

"Maybe he had an escape plan," oldest sister, Patty Connerley said. "[Maybe] he just wanted to walk away from his life."

Marten's wife Jane said his drinking problem went on for more than 14 years and worsened after he lost his job last September. She said he probably was in that area drinking.

The family wanted to know which scenario it was.

"I just want to have closure," Jane sobbed. "I mean there's just so much unknown. I can't grieve right."

Jane said Marten left their home early Monday morning. She suspected he wasn't okay by the night's end.

"I just kept waiting and waiting for him to come home. And it got later and later and it made me worried even more."

They contacted the police, but still had no luck finding him. Marten's keys and wallet were not in his abandoned car.

"We don't know that he's dead we don't know that he's alive. We don't know if he's in the water," DJ Ginsberg, Executive Director of United State ATV Search Rescue Team said.

Because the family contacted Search and Rescue a month after Marten went missing, Ginsberg said their search would start from scratch.

Crews and two trained K-9s searched Rick's Boatyard Thursday morning around 11. Rain, snow and other treacherous conditions made it hard to search for clues.

"You get too close to the river and you think you're on solid ground and all of the sudden 10 feet give away," Ginsberg said. "You've got to be really careful when you're by the river. There are also sinkholes. There are things to trip on there's animals and critters to be dealt with."

Ginsberg believes Marten never left the area. If he left west from the boatyard people near the CenturyLink building would have spotted him. Same if he left east towards Council Bluffs.

"We don't give up, which is why we eventually find and give closure to families."

Saturday morning Search and Rescue will bring more people out and look north and south around the boatyard.

"I want a funeral for him and to put him to rest. That's what I need. I can't go forward," Jane said.

The family hopes search will help them fill an empty hole and help them move on.

The fundraiser will be January 25th and St. Leo's Church near 102nd and Maple streets from 6-8 p.m.

The United States ATV Search and Rescue Team crews volunteer. Any money they get they put toward technology and training to help them find missing people.