Family Reacts to Vote to Remove Chickens from Papillion

Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA(KPTM)- A Papillion City Council vote Tuesday says that pet chickens in Papillion have to go.

One family in Papillion fought especially hard to change city code.

Steve Zivny currently has a coop of 11 chickens, most of which were rescued. Zivny says when they made a home for the chickens, he didn't realize it was against city code.

6 out of 8 council members voted against the chickens. Some worried it would open the door to allow other feathered pets in the city, such as geese or ducks. Some said they simply don't think chickens should serve as pets.

Council member Brian Liesveld was one of the two members who voted in favor of the chickens. "I think a lot of times government gets too involved in people's life and their business and I think this is an example of where government kind of overstepped their bound," said Liesveld.

Zivny supported, "It makes me think, what really playing into their decisions? Are they really representing the constituents of their ward?"

Zivny said no one spoke up against the chickens at a public hearing, and other nearby cities allow the chickens. Some council members say they did get calls, however, in opposition.

The chickens were a learning experience for his kids, but not getting to keep them is also a learning experience, said Zivny. "You fight for what you believe in but sometimes you don't always win."

Zivny is making arrangements to keep the chickens on a farm nearby.