Police: Mother Kidnaps 9-month-old from State Custody

UPDATE: Council Bluffs Police say Kier turned herself in to authorities in Clarinda Wednesday morning. Her child was unharmed and placed into protective custody. Kier is being held om Clarinda on a warrant out of Council Bluffs.

By: Leah Uko

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA (KPTM) - An Iowa family is searching for a baby they said was kidnapped from state custody by a woman they believe could be dangerous - the child's mother.

Council Bluffs Police Department issued a warrant for 23-year-old Sara Kier Tuesday afternoon. Kier is accused of kidnapping her 9-month-old daughter, TaLiah Ellison, from the Village Inn restaurant on Broadway in Council Bluffs Monday morning.

"Everyone is terrified and she shows no feelings or emotions towards any of this," Marcy Hurley continued. "Like, it's not even affecting her at all. This is about the baby this is not about her."

Hurley, who is Ellison's cousin, said she took temporary custody of Ellison in February after Kier lost full custody due to a domestic violence incident.

Family said Kier has been battling with drug abuse since she was 16.

"I'm scared for TaLiah. I really am," Kier's mother, Curstie Kier said. "I don't know what Sarah's going to do. I know--I know she's using again."

Kier met with a caseworker for a supervised visit with Ellison. Police said when the caseworker went to the restroom; Kier left the restaurant with the baby.

Curstie said she feels and worries Kier is not thinking of how this kidnapping will affect the baby's future. She also added that raising a child "on the run" would never work.

"That baby can't go to school. That baby can't go to a doctor. That baby's not going to get medical treatment."

Kier faces up to five years in prison if convicted.