Farnam Street To Undergo Major Renovation Project

OMAHA (KPTM)- Farnam Street from 35th Street to 42nd Street will become a two way street.

"We're taking advantage of the project," said Ken Houlihan, owner of Sullivan's Bar on 40th and Farnam. His business is in the heart of the construction project that is expected to attract new businesses in the area.

Houlihan will move across the street to the building that was the previous home to Cheaters restaurant.

"The one-way street that has been here for a while has been a highway, an artery, moving mass amounts of people to the suburbs," said Houlihan.

"People are wanting to move back into these culturally rich neighborhoods and moving to urban intensification. For us to do that, we need this to be a two-way street, bottom line."

The Blackstone Business Improvement District will pay $120,000.00 of the $302,000.00 project.

Ken Mahaffey, Long-time resident of the neighborhood is happy to see the developments.

"This is a long-term evolution of the neighborhood. It has developed over the years, but this change is a big one.

Mahaffey has lived in the neighborhood for 26 years. He sees only one downside.

"The say our building will go up in value because of the renovations, so now they will raise our property taxes."

The project is intended to aid in attracting new businesses to the area. Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2014.