Federal Guidelines For Garage Sales, What's Illegal To Sell

Paul GutierrezOMAHA (KPTM) - If you're thinking about setting up a garage sale this year, the federal government urges you to think before putting your products outside.That's because a lot of people aren't aware of guidelines that were created several years ago to protect the average person. In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Commission even spelled it out. Among other yard sale no-no's, trying to sell something with missing parts, trying to sell most cribs made before 2011, trying to sell products with high lead content and trying to sell items on a recall list."We take the time to go through and make sure all of the pieces are there and that they are marked appropriately for age groups," said Kathy Carlson, who is hosting a garage sale this week.FOX 42 News called the commission Thursday for clarification about the guidelines. We were told it constantly evolves every year as more products get placed on a recall list.It's serious business for the National Safety Council, especially when it comes to objects geared toward children."Sometimes in a garage sale maybe the sticker has been worn off or we can't tell what date it was manufactured in, so it might be recalled or expired," said Jaclyn Ostronic, a program manager for the council.Police agencies around the metro tell us they don't get too involved in garage sale compliance. They will, however, investigate if you're trying to give away obvious dangers like illegal fireworks or guns.For a complete list of what isn't allowed at garage sales, click here: